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Online poker is very different from your poker game at home or in the casino. Poker tips and strategy help maximize your chances of winning.

During a poker game you want to be talking to somebody who is a stronger player than you. It is easier to gain information from somebody who knows more about the game than you do.

Usually a new poker player starts small and they play lower limit games. You don't need to be a professional poker player to beat these games, you just need to outplay the weaker ones. It can be extremely difficult to beat an advanced player as it will entail complex knowledge about higher limit poker. Playing lower limit poker is pretty simple and a large part of the game is luck unlike higher level poker.

Playing Low Limit Poker is basically when players keep a low profile and other players don't pay much attention to them or their cards and they will only worry about their own cards. They will carry on playing as they usually do whether you bet or not, it is as if you aren't even there to them. The difference is that you are there and your cards are still live in the game. Your game is to take their money from them slowly hand after hand. You need to play a straight game and in the long run you will win. Only raise when you know you have the best hand, no bluffing and play tight.

Some quick tips

- In the game of poker it is ok to fold as many times as you see fit. If the cards don't look good then don't play them, fold before you flop.

- If you are going to bluff during a hand, do it with a straight face, it could work to your advantage if you use it well.

- Always watch the pot. Always remember the bigger the pot the stronger your hand needs to be. When the pot gets bigger and bigger chances are someone else has a very good hand.

- Always watch your opponents like a hawk. Watching them will give you information about them. Inexperienced players tend to watch their own cards but the players cards across the table are just as important.

-The more you play poker the better you will become at the game and the more tips you learn so practice practice practice!

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