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Image in poker is everything!

The game is all about making the best decisions you can, so our task as a player is to be as deceitful as you can. One way to be deceitful is to create an image that doesn’t really exist. In this article we have a look at some possible ways of creating a post flop image that will earn you a few extra bucks.

The best way of confusing your opponent post flop is to play in a very loose-aggressive but controlled manner. So you need to be raising plenty of flops, introducing a ton of check-raises and floating a lot. This behaviour is not confined to the flop and you should also incorporate a lot of moves on the turn and river as well.

If you play like this but maintain a modicum of control it will affect your opponents in a number of ways. Initially, they will be folding a lot to your raises. Then they will start disbelieving you and will be prone to widen their calling and re-raising ranges. When this starts to happen you can adjust and tighten up. By the time that you have made your adjustment your opponent will be so tilted they will not even realise. This is why you see so many players seemingly getting paid off with the goods, time after time, despite seemingly playing every hand. These types of players have created the perfect image and have changed tact without you even realising.

This article was written by Alex – a keen gaming blogger. When she's not looking for the best bingo sites out there, she's busy playing online casino games!

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