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Value Owning

Value Owning

As you get better and better at poker there are certain rules that will be ingrained into your psyche. One such rule is to get value and don't give value away. If you stick with this rule then you gain money from the fish and don't give any of it back. With a philosophy like this it won't take you too long to rise through the ranks of the game. People who play poker online should remember this.

As you rise through the ranks it becomes much more difficult to win money because you have left most of the fish swimming further downstream. When this happens you have to introduce thin-value betting into your game. Thin-value betting is betting for value with hands that are marginal when it comes to predicting if they are the best hand or not e.g. betting 2nd or 3rd pair on the river.

Thin value betting is in the arsenal of every top poker player. After all these are the types of things that define their edges in a game as round as a paper plate. But when you venture into the waters of thin-value betting just beware that you don't get value owned. Fans of Betfair poker live need to bear this in mind.

You are value-owned when you make what you think is a value bet but you are actually way behind. This usually happens when your opponent has done a very good job of pulling the wool over your eyes in the form of a trap.

So in higher stakes poker be aware of the need to bet thinly for value but just don't own yourself!


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